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Amp Up Your Approachability Without Breaking A Sweat!

how to be approachable

Do you find that men don’t seem interested in you? Are You Approachable? If not, this may be why you can’t attract a guy.


There’s a woman you know that doesn’t have problems meeting men. Perhaps she’s a friend or a coworker, but every woman knows her.


She seems to have her fare share of dates. It’s seem like every man wants her. If she goes out, men tend to fall over themselves to get to her. They seem welcomed in her presence and she seems to enjoy the attention.


Well, what does she have that you don’t? She is not better looking or smarter than you.  And yet, you have more problems attracting guys than she does.


So what’s her secret? She is APPROACHABLE! She gives off the energy that she is available to be approached and men feel like they have a shot at her.


If you are having a hard time meeting men, you might need to look at what you are doing that are driving them away.


Most women are not aware of how they stand and walk, how often they smile, or how pleasant or unpleasant their attitudes are. These things are super important because these are the social cues that men pick up on and use in deciding whether they want to take a chance and strike up a conversation with you or avoid you like the plague.


You see, nobody wants to be rejected, especially not men. If a man feels like you will reject him based upon the social cues you are giving him, he is most likely not going to waste his time and spare his own feelings. No man wants a bruised ego.  So if you want man after man to swoon over you, you have to be approachable and make it easier for them to feel comfortable around you. I’m not saying be super easy, overly flirtatious and desperate, but let your guard down a little bit and relax.


So, if you feel invisible to men, there are some simple fixes that you can start to implement that will instantly make you more approachable and thus attractive to men.


Warning: 2 out of 3 of the ladies reading this, who actually put these tips into practice, will experience a high volume of men approaching you. You have been warned.

1.     Smile Often

The single easiest fix to being more approachable not to just men, but to everyone, is simply to smile. If you are always scowling and have unpleasant facial expressions, men can see you as “unapproachable” and unfriendly.  They will most definitely bypass you for some other woman who appears friendlier.


And, smiles are contagious. Think about it. When you see someone smiling at you, isn’t it hard not to smile back? Yep, it sure is. So if a guy sees you smiling, he is more willing to start chatting with you just to see what you are smiling about.

2.     Uncross Your Arms

Folded arms are a dead giveaway of someone who does not want to be bothered or is totally uncomfortable. Folded arms also give off that you don’t like someone or that you are hiding something. This can be a huge red flag to men.  Unfold your arms and appear more open and ready to meet your next boyfriend.

3.     Lose The Props

Hang up your cell phone, take the earbuds out of your ears, and stop reading the book. You have to look open and inviting. All of these things can make you seem cold and unfriendly.  Get rid of the accessories that give clues that you are not ready to be approached.

4.       Glance Back

If a there’s a guy that catches your eye and he’s looks your way, give him a glance back. This will let him know that you are also interested in him and he will feel more confident about approaching you.

5.       Have A Fun, Relaxing Conversation

When he talks to you have a fun, flirty conversation. Don’t be so serious and stiff. Relax. The more you relax the more he will want to be around.

6.       Make Him Feel Comfortable

Make him feel comfortable while having a conversation. Flirt with him a little. Give him a compliment or two. Maintain eye contact. If you do, he’ll want to get your number and ask you out.

7.       Have A Positive Attitude

A POSITIVE attitude and total self confidence exudes positive energy and is super attractive to men. Men like women who are fun, lively, and self-assured.


If you are lacking in that department, you can “Fake it ‘til you make it”. That means think of a time that you were feeling good about yourself and use that moment to create a better attitude now. Eventually, you will have more confidence and feel even better about yourself, upping your chances of attracting men.


Start practicing these tips immediately, especially when you are out by yourself. If you go to Starbucks or the mall frequently that is the perfect time to use these techniques.


You should also talk to any guy ( that is not a weirdo or makes you feel totally uncomfortable) that approaches you even if you are not interested in him because this will allow you to perfect your techniques, see how other men respond to you and adjust your style of being approachable. It might lead to meeting your next date.


Also, if you have any trusted male friends or relatives, you can role play with them to see what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Any feedback from the male point of view is absolutely welcomed in increasing your approachability.


 You can catch a lot more flies with honey than with vinegar. Appear friendly and sweet and guys will be fighting over you in no time.


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